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What Our Customers are Saying


You guys. These pies are seriously out of this world. We bought some small ones from the Wheeler Farm farmer’s market a couple of weeks ago and now I’m a believer. This is coming from somebody who has spent their whole life hating sweet potato pie. So, so good. If you ever see these at farmer’s markets or other places and you’re questioning if you’ll like them, don’t! Just buy one, put it in your mouth, and you’ll know what love and happiness tastes like. You’re welcome.


Last week I tried a sample at the farmer’s market and it was amazing. I thought about that sample all week long. My goal today: Get More Pie. The goal has been achieved, and I have already eaten half the pie. Sweet potato pie is now up there with my other favorites, bourbon pecan pie and derby pie. Apparently all the best pies are southern!

Lee B.

First time trying James’s Sweet Potato Pies, I was surprised. this was fantastic. It’s now become one of my favorite pies. If you’re from the South, this is slap your mama good. Anywhere else, you too will be surprised at how awesome these pies are.